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The Tea Mistress

Amanda Vermillion, The Tea Mistress® holds a Tea Mastery Certification from the American Tea Masters Association and a New World Tea Certification from the International Tea Education Institute (I-TEI). She is available for speaking engagements. The Tea Mistress® is pleased to provide the following goods and services:

Tea Tastings

Tea Tastings

You and your guests will sample an assortment of teas and learn fun facts and preparation tips for each tea from The Tea Mistress®.

Tea and Food

Tea and Food Pairings

Whether it’s Tea and Chocolate, Tea and Cheeses, Cooking with Tea, or tea and food pairings from a particular country, The Tea Mistress® will present a delicious sampling of foods and teas that complement each other. The Tea Mistress® can work with your caterer, or can provide the food.

Tea Parties

Tea Parties

The Tea Mistress® can help you throw a great small party for 30 or fewer guests, from a casual get-together to an elegant afternoon tea or a themed tea party. For larger tea parties, the Tea Mistress is happy to work with a food caterer of her choice or your choice.

Tea Talks

The Tea Mistress® can speak on a variety of topics, such as:

    • Tea 101: Learn about the different types of tea as well as some fun facts!
    • History of Tea: Learn about the origins and history of tea.
    • History of Afternoon Tea: Learn about the fascinating history behind this refreshing afternoon ritual.
    • The “Scoop” on Iced Tea: Iced tea was invented at the 1904 World’s Fair…or was it?
    • Tea Around the World: An overview of global tea culture and how tea is enjoyed in various countries.
    • Country-Specific Talks: The Why of Chai: Indian Tea Talk; Turkish Tea Traditions; Korean Tea; French Teas; English Tea (includes Afternoon Tea/High Tea); Japanese Tea; Chinese Tea
    • The Perfect Cup of Tea: It’s more than just sticking a teabag in hot water! Learn tricks, tips and techniques for making the perfect cup or pot of tea.
    • Health Benefits of Tea*: Learn why Camelia sinensis, the tea plant, is more than just a tasty drink.
    • Herbal Teas for Health*: Traditional folk remedies and modern research on various herbs and plants that can be brewed into a tisane and drunk for health and enjoyment.
    • Custom Talks on a topic of your choice, whether it’s a focus on teas from a particular country or region, fair trade teas or other economic/political issues surrounding tea, spirituali-tea, cooking with tea, beau-“tea” treatments, using tea in alcoholic drinks, coffee vs. tea, we are at your service! (At least 2 weeks’ advance notice required for custom tea talks.)

Tea Consulting

If you have a business or upcoming event and want to include tea in the experience, The Tea Mistress® can help you select the types of teas to serve and how best to prepare and present them.

Quality Teas and Tea Accessories for Sale

The Tea Mistress® carries a variety of teas: black, green, white, red, oolong and puerh, flavored and blended teas, international, organic, fair trade, rooibos, herbal, fruit teas, tisanes.  We also sell products, accessories and implements that will help maximize your tea experience.  We accept payments via PayPal and Square as well as cash.

More Than Just Tea!

The Tea Mistress, LLC is more than just tea! We also carry gourmet coffee, chocolate and sweets!

We proudly carry the following brands:

  • 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee from Pacific Tradewinds/TexaKona
  • Cafe Kreyol direct-trade coffee, brought to you by the Coffee Hunter Project
  • Hacienda Real Costa Rican coffee processed locally right here in Houston

Chocolate and Sweets
Looking for a sweet treat to pair with your coffee and tea? We have the following items in stock:

  • Chocolate Fusion organic, non-GMO chocolate bars made in the USA, featuring several tea-infused and herb-infused flavors!
  • Teapot-shaped lollipops
  • TexaKona Krackle: 100% Kona coffee & macadamia nut brittle
  • TexaKona KoKo: dark chocolate or white chocolate-covered 100% Kona Hawaiian peaberry espresso coffee beans!
  • Victorian House scone mixes and shortbread mixes and cute teapot-shaped cookie cutters!

*DISCLAIMER: We are not licensed health professionals and cannot diagnose or treat illness.  This information is presented strictly for entertainment and educational purposes.