Tea of the Month Club

Find Your New Favorite Flavor!

Each month you will receive 3 sample-sized tea tins with 3 different types of tea, with enough in each tin to make a pot of tea (3-4 cups).

Our monthly tea sampler is curated by Tea Mistress Amanda with seasonal selections, but you can substitute one or more teas if you don't like the monthly choices.


  • $10/month including shipping within the United States
  • $6/month with in-person pickup
  • This averages out to just 50 cents per cup of tea,  even cheaper if you do multiple steepings!
  • International shipping available, please contact the Tea Mistress for rates.
  • Be Green, Save Green!  Return all your tins from your 3-month subscription for a $1 discount on your next 3-month subscription.  (Currently available to in-person delivery customers only.)


Sign up for 3 months, 6 months,  or 1 year!  Bonus: If your birthday falls during your subscription, you'll get 1 extra sample tin of tea on your birthday month!

Interested in joining the Tea Mistress on her Tea of the Month adventures?  Click the button below to contact the Tea Mistress and sign up!

Selections for January - March

Concerned about allergens? View a full ingredient list here.


  • Cinnamon Pear White (Caffeine), Imperial Jasmine Mint Green (Caffeine), Roasted Chestnut Black & Green Blend (Caffeine), Caramel Dream Black Tea/Rooibos Blend (Caffeine), Turmeric Ginger Rooibos (Caffeine-Free/Decaf), Firefly Chai (Caffeine-Free/Decaf), Vanilla Lemongrass (Caffeine-Free/Decaf)


  • Pomegranate Apple White (Caffeine), Hojicha Japanese Roasted Green Tea (Caffeine), Victorian Lavender Rose Black (Caffeine), Dark Chocolate Cherry Black (Caffeine), Infusion of Love ~ Raspberry Lemon Verbena (Caffeine-Free/Decaf), White Chocolate Truffle Rooibos (Caffeine-Free/Decaf), Decaf Blackcurrant Black (Caffeine-Free/Decaf)


  • Kyoto Cherry Rose Green (Caffeine), Orange Blossom Oolong (Caffeine), “Lady Jane Grey” Strawberry Vanilla Creme Earl Grey ~ A Tea Mistress Blend (Caffeine), Lingonberry Black ~ Teabags Only, Strawberry Dream (Caffeine-Free/Decaf), Lemon Vanilla Rooibos (Caffeine-Free/Decaf), Organic French Evening ~ A Tea Mistress Blend (Caffeine-Free/Decaf)