Puerh Tea

Also known as puer, pu’er, pu-erh, fermented tea, or “post-oxidized” tea, this is a traditional Chinese black tea that has been processed in a special way that causes it to ferment with bacteria, similar to wine and cheese. This tea increases in value and flavor with age. It’s an “acquired taste” redolent of earth and compost, but once you get used to the strong flavor, you’ll be hooked! Studies have shown that the natural statins in puerh may help reduce cholesterol. In Asia, it is traditionally enjoyed with dim sum and purportedly helps with digestion of heavy, greasy foods. It’s recommended that you “rinse” your puerh leaves with freshly boiled water just before steeping and drinking. Puerh can be steeped 3-9 times, so you will really get your money’s worth from this tea!

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