Shop The Tea Mistress

Visit The Tea Mistress, LLC  in her Houston shop and explore her fine selection of Gourmet Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Herbal Teas, Tea Accessories, Teaware, Tiny Teapot Jewelry and More!


17000 El Camino Real
Suite 102B Houston, TX 77058
in Arbor Square Office Park, across from HEB


(832) 703-0823

Ici on parle français! Se habla español!

Store Hours

Join us for tastings at 2PM

Extended Summer Hours in May - New Business Hours will be posted at the end of April.

Additional hours by appointment.

Space available for special events of up to 12 people.

Call or Text (832) 703-0823 for more information.

Ongoing Events

Sunday Benefit Tastings with The Tea Mistress

Houston, TX
Sundays fron 2PM-4PM
Donations suggested

Every Sunday from 2PM-4PM there will be a tea tasting, chocolate tasting, and/or coffee cupping session at the Tea Mistress’ location in Houston. Come by and taste and evaluate 3 teas, coffees, chocolates or hot chocolates and support a local non-profit! See the Events page for information on upcoming themed tasting days.

Your suggested donation will go to Lone Star Houston Tea Festival, Inc., a non-profit organization that organizes the Houston Tea Festival and Lone Star Iced Tea Festival.