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We are more than happy to serve you

Black Tea

Black tea is oxidized and dried after picking, giving it a rich, bold, strong taste that is great with or without cream and sweeteners. Caffeine level: medium to high.

Green Tea

Green tea is steamed after plucking in order to stop the oxidation of the leaves, so it retains a fresh vegetal flavor. It's high in antioxidants and generally contains less caffeine than black, oolong or white tea.


Matcha is a powdered Japanese green tea that is traditionally used in Japanese Tea Ceremony.  It’s gaining popularity in the West due to its health benefits and smooth texture.

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If you are a tea lover . . . you need to go & see The Tea Mistress – Wonderful selection.
– Kristin S., League City, Texas
Intelligent and resourcefulness, knows what she is talking about with a great knowledge of wisdom.
– Chuck T., Dallas, Texas
Dear Amanda, Many thanks for being a part of the Herbal Forum this year. Your help in making it a success is greatly appreciated!
– Herb Society of America, Pioneer Unit
Loved the variety of teas and other items for purchase. I purchased a pearl teapot shape necklace. Love it!!!
- Anita B., Houston
I finally got around to trying the Dark Chocolate Cherry – it was so good! Thanks for the recommendation.
– Sandra J., Houston, TX


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