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For an up-to-date list of items available for purchase, you can browse our current stocklists (updated 1/17), now split into categories for easier shopping!

Featured: Try our exclusive "Accidental Alchemy" chai blend, which recently won 2nd Place in the Houston Tea Festival Chai Wizard Tournament Fusion Category! "Accidental Alchemy" can be found on page four of theĀ current Tea Stocklist

Daily Specials

Sunday, January 20, - Thursday, January 31

Sales are valid for 24 hours each on the day specified.

  • January 23 - Pie Day! 20% off our Pecan Pie Rooibos and Lemon Meringue Green Tea!
  • January 25 - Irish Coffee Day! 15% off all coffees!
  • January 27 - Chocolate Cake Day! Save 20% on all our chocolate-flavored teas: chocolate chai, dark chocolate cherry black tea, dark chocolate blood orange rooibos, chocolate mint rooibos and our chocolate raspberry ground coffee!
  • January 28 - Blueberry Pancake Day! 20% off our blueberry green teabags!

More Than Just Tea!

The Tea Mistress, LLC is more than just tea! We also carry gourmet coffee, chocolate and sweets!

We proudly carry the following brands:

  • 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee from Pacific Tradewinds/TexaKona KoKo Beans
  • Cafe Kreyol direct-trade coffee, brought to you by the Coffee Hunter Project
  • Hacienda Real Costa Rican coffee processed locally right here in Houston

Chocolate and Sweets
Looking for a sweet treat to pair with your coffee and tea? We have the following items in stock:

  • Chocolate Fusion organic, non-GMO chocolate bars made in the USA, featuring several tea-infused and herb-infused flavors!
  • Teapot-shaped lollipops
  • TexaKona Krackle: 100% Kona coffee & macadamia nut brittle
  • TexaKona KoKo Beans: dark chocolate or white chocolate-covered 100% Kona Hawaiian peaberry espresso coffee beans!