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The unthinkable is happening…I am becoming addicted to tea. I am a coffee drinker, I love coffee, I think it may run through my veins. Lately though, I find myself craving this Pomegranate Apple White Tea, in the afternoon, instead of coffee. This stuff is amazing.
– Tania C., Houston, Texas

“My stash of your teas are such a wonderful uplifting thing to have during this time.”
-Barbara B., Baldwyn, MS

“Dear Amanda, Thank you for the fascinating talk this morning! I am the South African who rolled your ‘r’s on the ‘Rooibos’ and just wanted to to reiterate what an excellent speaker you are – and how inclusive you are in your presentation. I was actually astonished what a turnout you had – I thought for an early Sunday morning – last day of gathering – with such a specific topic there may be a handful of folks show – and the room was so full! And everyone so involved! You did a really excellent job of not only taking us through the history with such interesting stories and examples – but involving people so effortlessly and engagingly.”
– Ingrid B., Durham, NC

“Hi Amanda, Thanks very much for a great tea talk at this year’s [Mensa] AG. Cherryl and I really enjoyed it. Hope to catch up with you at future events, Mensa and/or otherwise. And thanks for the tea samples. 😉 Cheers, peace, and long life,”
Cherryl C. and John H., California

Dear Amanda, Many thanks for being a part of the Herbal Forum this year. Your help in making it a success is greatly appreciated!
– Herb Society of America, Pioneer Unit

I am a member of Amanda Vermillion’s tea of the month club, and now I have such a magnificent choice of teas! Flavors such as Organic Firefly Chai, Blackcurrant, White Chocolate Turtle, Infusion of Love, and more! She is a tea mistress, and her teas are wonderful! Check out her page – The Tea Mistress, LLC
– Adrienne B., Pearland, TX

These teas are soooo good!
– Adrienne B., Pearland, TX

I got my first Tea of the Month Club teas! Yay! So excited to try new teas every month! Great idea!
– Wendy H., Shungnak, AK

Enjoyed chatting with you […] I am loving my teapot and am very glad I succumbed to temptation and bought it. Thanks and Bright Blessings!
– Lorene M. via Square

Just wanted to let you know that my recipient sent me the happiest text message saying that she loved her tea. She forgot how much she loved loose tea and that it was soooo delicious! She’s only tried one and this is the first month. Thank you The Tea Mistress, LLC!
– Monica K., Decatur, GA

I’m really enjoying my Tea of the Month Club selections!
– Kristy B., Hempstead, TX

Just wanted you to know that I love my tea subscription teas! The turmeric ginger rooibos is definitely a favourite! Cant wait to get more!I got my first Tea of the Month Club teas! Yay! So excited to try new teas every month! Great idea! – Wendy H., Shungnak, AK
– Bobbi C., Fort Riley, KS

I had the pleasure of working with Amanda when she was a vendor at Texas Trade Days over the holidays. She’s professional, very kind to customers and extremely knowledgeable! Customers definitely enjoy her, too!
– Kristen M. Parker, Texas Trade Days, LLC

We just received our tea of the month! They smell amazing and I can’t wait to try them. I am taking them ALL to work so I can have them throughout my day.
– Tina N., Pearland, Texas

Great selection. I always visit her when she comes to the UHCL Harvest Market.
– A. Kelling, via Facebook

have known Amanda for many years and know her to be the type of person who puts her all into what ever she does. Her tea buisness is no exception. I ordered teas that would help the aging process and menopausal symptoms. It was soothing though the tea flavor was not the best (no surprises there) but the ingredients were helpful with my hot flashes. I will be ordering more tea from Amanda and some for my daughter who lives for tea.
– M. Neville, via Facebook

My husband and I absolutely LOVE the peach oolong tea and with a bit of local honey it was almost like a desert.
– C. Gibson-Sills, via Facebook

Amanda is awesome and has the most unique beautiful array of teas. Everything smells so lovely that it can be really hard to choose. The pricing is fair and there are so many varieties. As we creep into fall and winter, nothing hits the spot like some delicious tea. Follow her events this holiday season as her teas also make great gifts!
– B. Nicole, via Facebook

Great service. I ordered 4 ounces and received them earlier than expected. It also came with instructions and a bit of information. Went above and beyond! The tea was awesome.
-J. Mercado, via Facebook

First time ordering from Amanda, won’t be the last. Not only she is very sweet and personal, her tea selection is incredible. I bought a few to try and she kindly delivered. The Cucumber Melon Green Tea is the bomb! The aroma is heavenly as soon as I opened the pouch. The tea itself is very smooth and to die for. Can’t wait to try the other three. Highly recommend.
– T. Tatiwa, via Facebook

I love the artisan teas and tea jewelry. As a tea lover I found the earrings and necklaces unique and beautiful! Great assortment of teas and tea memorabilia!
– Lydia N., via Square Feedback

Thank you so much for coming to Waco. I promise the festival is much bigger when the weather is good. Please come back! I can’t wait to use my fruit flavored teas with my grands at our high teas this summer!
– Anonymous, via Square Feedback

Thank you once again for putting on your lovely program this past Saturday. The library has received a lot of great feedback due to it.
– Sara P., Houston

Love all of the options! Unique blends with earl grey that are the ultimate! So happy to see another local business thriving in the heart of downtown LC.
– Mel K., League City, Texas

To all who are interested, my assessment of Amanda’s shop could not be Any better. Such a warm, welcoming, ambiance, beautifully done. The teas are like nothing I’ve ever been exposed to. They’re full of delightful smells and have magical names. But, the Accessories & unique offerings are also enchanting. Plus, The Jewelry! Oh my goodness! Beautiful, unique, one of a kind, artistic creations, and more. Think, Christmas! P.S. I’ve been a customer if The Tea Mistress, in the past. I can not tell you how much the Teas, themselves, gave given me both energy and delightfully soothing, calming moments. She’s a true, knowledgeable Tea Mistress, alright. Try them. They’re delicious.
– Paula F., Seabrook, Texas

Loved the variety of teas and other items for purchase. I purchased a pearl teapot shape necklace. Love it!!!
-Anita B., Houston

Lovely little shop! The owner is very friendly and will likely pour you a cup when you visit. The tea selection is very good for a small shop and better than what you can find nearby. She always brings in new and interesting things so you should definitely investigate each shelf and ask questions. Lastly, her regular tea tasting on Sunday afternoons from 2-4 is a lovely time and something that we enjoy doing with friends. I love to sample!
– Ross S., Houston, TX

I was fortunate to be gifted two teas and this recommendation is well overdue! I Loved both of them ~ the Earl Grey & I am just now enjoying the black tea with roses combination. The lettering has worn off the label as I’ve had this tea for a couple of years! This particular tea pours out a golden colour and is very aromatic ~ it’s perfect! So thank you Amanda for these special blends.
– Maryanne B., New Zealand

I finally got around to trying the Dark Chocolate Cherry – it was so good! Thanks for the recommendation.
– Sandra J., Houston, TX

Love love love everything about this place and Amanda! And love the tea!
– Angela D., San Leon, Texas

Owner & employees are AWESOME. The tea selection for me was new and unusual . . .
– Janice M., Galveston, Texas

If you are a tea lover . . . you need to go & see The Tea Mistress – Wonderful selection.
– Kristin S., League City, Texas

Intelligent and resourcefulness, knows what she is talking about with a great knowledge of wisdom.
– Chuck T., Dallas, Texas

I have known the Tea Mistress, Amanda, since 2007. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of tea. I especially love the rice pudding tea that I got. And the tea charm necklace and earrings are adorable! Go check out her shop in Clear Lake, and discover the treasures she has to offer!
-Lisa G., Webster, Texas

Huge variety of delicious teas, I am already through half my specialty tea. Delicious! I’ll be ready to go get some more pretty soon!!!
– Mila H., Houston, Texas

Perfect gifts for tea lovers.
– Erica M., League City, Texas

Love the peppermint tea I bought yesterday. Really smooth and yummy.
– Lois D., Houston, Texas

I really enjoyed stopping by the Tea Mistress today. It is tranquil there and I can’t wait to try the tea I purchased. Nice job, Amanda!
– Deb G., San Leon, Texas

I just spent a very nice hour in this shop. A wonderful selection of teas and coffee. Sample sizes are great for gifts or to try something new. Now my day is a little brighter and I am sipping a wonderful new tea as I run the rest of my errands.
– Christy R., Kemah, Texas

I’m in love with my turmeric teas. Since I can’t take anti-inflammatories and since I’ve been drinking this tea, there is a remarkable difference. Thank you for caring Amanda Vermillion, my Tea Mistress!
– Linda L., Charlotte, North Carolina

I am about to get my Tea On! Thanks To the Tea Mistress, Amanda Vermillion. Delicious and love the new tea cup.
– Jennifer D., Houston, Texas

Best tea eva! [My daughter’s] fav is eggnog! Thxu Amanda Vermillion aka Tea Mistress!
– Clarice C., Seabrook, Texas

Amanda, my mother in law and a friend of hers love your tea. I will come to your shop again sometime soon.
– Miho W., Kemah, Texas

Good products & friendly service.
– Jackie F., Seabrook, Texas

The Tea Mistress, Amanda, was a great hostess and very knowledgeable. Thank you, Amanda!! 🙂
– Anonymous, via Square Feedback

Your presentation was so appreciated by the audience, both adult and youth. It was quite informative and we enjoyed it a lot.
– Roselyn B., Webster, Texas

Amanda’s great and really knows her stuff. Loved attending the Lone Star Tea Festival she organized and was excited to see her again at the Texas Herb Symposium in Wimberly, Texas!
– Jason E., Austin

Just touching base to let you know my friend loved the tea assortment that I got from you […] Also I’ve been enjoying the teas as well, especially the sassafras!
– Diane R., Seabrook, Texas

Thank you for speaking. It was an informative presentation!
– Bay Area Holistic Lifestylers, League City, Texas

All the ladies enjoyed your class . . . You are Awesome! I can’t wait for the Tea Festival!!!
– Tammy B., Humble, Texas

Best meetup talk ever. I learned so much and now I want to learn more. Amanda is an excellent teacher.
– Ann C., Houston, Texas

And your talk was awesome!! And the samples . . . yum! Going to be drinking more tea for sure!!
– Shawna M., Houston, Texas

You have completely spoiled me on teas, I can’t go back to the boxed tea you buy at the grocery store, they make me wanna puke now after trying that, lol.
– Andrew H., Crosby, Texas

It was convenient to see you at my school’s farmer’s market, and took hardly any time at all! I’m excited to try out my new matcha!
– UHCL Student, via Square Feedback

Mornings are so much more fun thanks to the wonderful variety of tea I received from The Tea Mistress.
-Bobbi L., The Woodlands, Texas

I attended Amanda’s Japanese Tea in Jan 2015. It was a fun event where we tried several different teas and Japanese treats, sweet & salty. Amanda is quite knowledgeable on teas and showed a video of the tea growing regions in Japan. I purchased the Raspberry Green, Genmatcha and Chocolate Chai. I’ve shared these with my friends who, of course, have never heard of Genmatcha… My favorite is the Raspberry Green. All of the teas were very reasonably priced. I love tea!!!
– Jane T., Houston, Texas

High quality products, fabulous selection, speedy delivery and great customer service.
– Deborah S., Houston, Texas

Amanda Vermillion, we really like the Organic Scottish Caramel tea! It has a great taste!
– Steven M., League City, Texas

Amanda, I just wanted to let you know your teas are AMAZING! Between my mom and I you have definitely found some lifelong customers!
– Kailyn M., Houston, Texas

You have the best teas out there!
– Michelle R., Houston, Texas

You are more knowledgeable than most tea “experts.”
– Loretta M., Mercedes, Texas

You have my business.
– Teresa R., Euless, Texas

I got the most lovely teas in the mail today! The strawberry green tea is by far my favorite.
– Sharla B., Dallas, Texas

I was at the herb festival and bought your teas. you have several I really enjoyed and would love to order some.
– Anna H., Fort Worth, Texas

I am interested in ordering the Chocolate Chai tea because I bought some of it from you when you were at the Herb Fest at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden a little while back and I have shared it with my co-worker and now she and I both want to buy more.
– Christine H., Fort Worth, Texas

Amanda is an awesome event planner. I have attended several of her events and I always have a great time.
– Alan B., Raleigh, North Carolina

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