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Delight – Salted Caramel



 USDA organic, fair trade, direct trade, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free.  Compostable packaging!

Unlike typically sweet and smooth chocolate bars (which are made from cacao beans that are ground down into a smooth paste and combined with sugar), snacking cacao is the whole, roasted cacao bean, lightly caramelized with organic cane sugar, herbs and spices to draw out its natural flavors and complexities. It’s savory, crunchy (similar texture to an almond), and minimally processed so you can enjoy it in a form closer to the way it appears in nature. It’s also high in fiber!

Delight – Salted Caramel, 70% cacao 

Ingredients: Ultra-smooth vegan salted caramel coating sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt atop an irresistibly crunchy Honduran cacao bean. 70% cacao content.

Price: $5 per 30 gram (1.1 oz) single-serve packets.

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