the tea mistress

T1. Pain-Away Poultice


A blend of organic healing herbs for muscle and joint pain, skin bruising and inflammation, strains and sprains. Just wet/steep the bag in boiled water for 1 minute, let cool a bit so you don’t burn yourself, then apply it to the affected area for 10-20 minutes.  Re-soak in the “tea” liquid and reapply as needed.
Ingredients: organic comfrey, organic calendula petals, homegrown lemon balm, organic oatstraw, oatmeal, organic slippery elm bark.  Price: $2 per poultice sachet (1/5 oz).

Caution: This is for applying on the skin, not for drinking!  Comfrey is now considered toxic if ingested, although historically it was consumed as a tisane in Europe for medicinal purposes.

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